SAM - Syndicated Audio Messaging

Yep, that's what I have planned for next year.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll start writing the SAM roadmap.  Starting in January I will start to build it.  I know I can't build it alone.  Hopefully you will join me.

SAM will build an audio messaging layer on top of the web and technologies like audioblogs, the AudioBlogging Gateway, blogs, RSS, OPML etc.  With SAM audio is not just an attachment or an enclosure or embedded audio file in a text message, it could be but it could also be the main messageSAM is all about the audio messaging flag, audio messaging on the web.  

In 2003 audioblogging came a long way.  Even though we didn't focus on using streaming audio like some said we needed to do audioblogging prevailed and works.  Even though some didn't get it at first others kept rocking and Audioblogging keeps growing everyday.  Audioblogging doesn't really care if it's streaming audio or fixed downloadable files or what transport is the best.  It's not about what web audio technology is the best.  It never was.  Audioblogging like the web itself can use them all.  At the end of the day it's about the message.  It's a new way of using audio on the web to get your message out.  Audioblogging today is simply about creating and putting any audio message on the web however the web can help you get them there.  But we're not done.  Now is the time to get to the next level.  Now we need to build on the past year's work and start creating the "audio messaging community" together.

As I look at the new Audlink homepage I see a glimmer of community starting to form.  It's raw but it's there.  I see some elements missing, but it has a seed.  The answer is to work together to water that seed and grow the audio messaging community.

126 years ago, in a small laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey Thomas Edison invented recorded sound.  In 2004 we can take Edison's invention and create an online audio messaging community like none before it with the help of SAM.

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